Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Program

Oxygen concentrators require regular maintenance to ensure they operate and perform correctly. We offer routine preventative maintenance, detailed equipment logs, and concentrator replacements. If your unit is in for repair, we provide another unit at no additional cost to you. We are aware that each facility has unique routine needs. Our program takes variables such as altitude, humidity, temperature variation, frequency of use, and output into consideration. We then provide a cleaning and/or replacement procedure.

Services Provided


  • Quarterly filter checks.
  • Quarterly Fi02 and flow rate measurement with documentation.
  • HEPA Bacteria Filters changed per manufacturer recommendations (typically twice annually).
  • Manufacture manuals offered digitally.
  • Maintenance logs for guaranteed up-to-date and compliance standards per state regulations.


  • Staff education on basic maintenance between check ups.



  • Loaned unit if a concentrator in your facility goes down at no additional cost to you.
  • Discounted repair costs.
  • Discounted rates for the purchase of new concentrators.

Additional Benefits

  • Streamlines preventative maintenance to keep your residents safe and facility compliant with state regulation.
  • No need to call in for maintenance.

Download the PDF or contact us to learn how our Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Program could help your facility.

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