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Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Program

For fast, reliable, affordable medical equipment, we deliver.


  • Quarterly filter checks
  • Quarterly Fi02 and flow rate measurement with documentation
  • HEPA Bacteria Filters changed per manufacturer recommendations (typically twice annually)
  • Manufacture manuals offered digitally
  • Maintenance logs for guaranteed up to-date and compliance standards per state regulations

Oxygen concentrators require regular maintenance to ensure they operate and perform correctly.

We offer routine preventative maintenance, detailed equipment logs, and concentrator replacements.

Oxygen Concentrator Rental and Maintenance


5 Liter High Flow Concentrator


10 Liter High Flow Concentrator


Standard Concentrator

Program Benefits

  • Stay in compliance and decrease risk of
  • Keep residents safe and comfortable with
    adequate FiO2 and flow rates

Discounts Included

  • Discounted repair costs
  • Discounted rates for the purchase of new

The program also includes loaner concentrators at
no additional costs if:

  • You agree to send your broken unit off for repairs
  • You own the unit or rent it from JMeds

The JMeds Difference

Same-Day, 4-hour Delivery

We guarantee a same-day, 4-hour delivery on every order. All of our rental and capital equipment comes sanitized, and when we arrive, we disinfect again at your door.
Health-e Seal of Approval - JMeds Green

Health-e Certified Technicians

All equipment delivered to your facility is disinfected before and upon arrival by our Health-e certified experts

Cut Capital Equipment Costs

We only work with the best equipment providers. This means the elimination of on-sight shortage, RTOs simplified, and ongoing equipment maintenance—all for an aordable price.

Reduce Time to Treat

When you partner with JMeds, your residents don’t have to wait for treatment long. All equipment is delivered ready to use, at the right facility, on-time.

Complete Equipment Solution

JMeds can provide you anything, including DME, Infection Prevention, Oxygen Concentrators & Cylinders, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy & Wound Dressings, and Clinical Respiratory Solutions.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Consolidating rental and capital equipment with one provider means one contact, one invoice, and zero headaches.
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