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Introducing TruSafe Infection Prevention & Control

Today’s nursing homes face unparalleled surveys and inspections on protocols related to pathogens that can impact all of the workers and residents in the home.

As caseloads continue to increase in areas around the country, it has never been more important that nursing homes have what they need to maintain a sturdy defense against germs.


To keep staff and residents in your nursing home safe and to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19, it is important to take proactive prevention measures. As the CDC recommends, disinfecting regularly touched surfaces is critical. Environmental cleaning and disinfection can play an important role in helping to prevent the spread of infection.


TruSafe™ Infection Prevention & Control

JMeds is the only DME provider in Texas providing nursing homes with a comprehensive approach to infection prevention and control. Our proprietary TruSafe process includes four simple steps:
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Using our advanced ATP system, you can evaluate existing environmental cleaning (Level II environmental monitoring per CDC).

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Applying chemical using an electrostatic sprayer is more efficient and effective than spray-and-wipe. Spray-and-wipe is hit-and-miss, leaving entire areas not disinfected. With electrostatic disinfection, every surface can be coated in less time, using less chemical, and with better outcomes.

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Our proprietary software, Bac-Track, monitors contamination levels in an easy-to-read dashboard dedicated to your facility. It also allows you to monitor by department or equipment category to pinpoint your problem areas. Our software includes infection control reporting to meet new CMS § Reg 483.80 – F880 guidelines and CDC reporting requirements.

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Online, self-paced, on-demand Health-e Certified training course focused on infection control and best practices. Each of your employees can be certified. Your facility can achieve Health-e certification, too. This premiere infection prevention and control training course can reduce the risks your staff and residents face and demonstrates to your community that you provide clean, healthy and safe environments.

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To make your facility truly safe using the proven TruSafe method contact one of our experts now.

Healthy. Clean. TruSafe.

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